Sunday Afternoon Bucket List


What to do on a Sunday Afternoon?  We Made a Bucket List!


After much debate at home about what we should do at the weekend I have decided to make a bucket list for the next one.  I have never really planned what to do on a Sunday but each family member has a different view on what we should do!  We have narrowed it down to a few needs, wants and a few ‘what ifs’ too!

  • Have a picnic
  • Visit the beach
  • Go to a museum
  • Visit Fairy World (from the 4-year-old – don’t even know if this exists)
  • Buy a bass guitar shaped like a giraffe (from the 17-year-old who I think is not taking this very seriously)
  • Hot air balloon ride at sunset with the person that he loves (from hubby I added ‘with the person he loves’ he said ‘I suppose so!’ – got to love that old romantic fool!!)
  • Watch Star Wars – all the DVD’s one after the other (sigh)
  • And the Matrix DVD’s (another sigh)
  • And The Best of Fred Dibnah DVD’s (REALLY ?? I don’t think my hubby is taking this seriously either)
  • Have a full Sunday Dinner (not prepared or cooked by me)
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And if money was not a limit:

  • Go go-karting on our private track (from the teen)
  • Disneyland Paris (from the 4-year-old – who WOULD turn down the US version! Don’t ask me why – I would go to the US version.)
  • Sunset at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) & Sunrise at Cape Agulhas (southern most tip of Africa) (from husband – I think he is trying to redeem himself)
  • Visit New England in the Fall (because I love Autumn and I have heard that it is spectacular!)


So there you have it – a wonderful bucket list for a Sunday Afternoon!

We actually had so much fun thinking of all the places we could go and places to see so the last thing I would like to add to our bucket list is:


  • Spend time with the family making up a bucket list!


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    1. Helen

      We REALLY enjoyed making up a bucket list as a family – some of the suggestions were so funny too! It made a dull afternoon all bright & sparkly with possibilities!

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