Some Awesome Women In My Life

Some Awesome Women In My Life

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, I have been thinking about some women who I admire or who have had a lasting influence on me.  I wanted to take the opportunity to also celebrate some of the ‘ordinary’ women in my life.  Often women have been ignored, marginalized or even written out of history itself.  This month we take the time to discover those women and help their story have a ‘voice’.

Women in My Life

My Friend the Triathlete

A close family friend has achieved something most of us would not even think is possible!  In the 9 years, I have known Zoe, she has gone from occasionally going out jogging, to running half marathon’s and raising money for various charities.  She could ride a bike for leisure but was not an active cyclist.  And she could not swim very well at all.

Within a few years, she had completed marathons, had learnt to swim and then began training for triathlons.  She has now completed an IronMan challenge and recently was interviewed by The Telegraph about her achievements.

She has inspired me to start hill walking again and to believe you are never too old or too unfit to change your life for the better.

My Online Miscarriage Group

There is a group of women from around the world who gave me support, comfort and love during and after my miscarriage.  I have been lucky to meet a few of them in person and each one has a special place in my heart.  We continue to support each other even though our lives have moved on from those dark days.  Some of us have gone on to have children, some of us have lost more children through miscarriage and infant loss.  Some of us have faced great challenges in our personal lives, changed jobs and partners, found new loves and created loving homes.  Whenever someone posts in our group with good news or sad news, we are there.  Holding virtual hands, sending positive thoughts and love.  Without their continued support,  I honestly think I would not be the person I am today.

I am honored to call this group of women my friends.

My  Doctors

After my miscarriage in 2008, I was then diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure which meant I was going through the menopause at an early age.  Despite all the facts pointing to me not being able to have children, my doctor supported our desire to have another child.  We were referred to a specialist and we went on to have our daughter without further medical intervention.  My doctors continue to support me and my decisions over my menopause care.

I am grateful for having such a valuable and effective health service that employs such well trained and empathetic women.

My Acupuncturist

Nicola was my acupuncturist and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.  I first met Nicola when I was suffering the after effects of losing a child and my POF diagnosis.  After caring for my whole being, before during and after my pregnancy, through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I managed to have my miracle daughter in June 2010.

I am in awe of Nicola’s immense compassion, her undetermined belief that everything would be OK and her calming influence when I was caught up in a storm of grief and confusion.

My Mum

We have grown old together and our relationship has changed along the way.  I love my mum unconditionally and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

No words can describe how I feel about her and I tell her I love her whenever I can…..

My Daughter

My beautiful, funny, happy, feisty, strong-willed, cheeky girl who loves rainbows and muddy puddle jumping.  Who see’s the fun in everything, who loves unconditionally and has a keen mind.  I know that she is capable of great things and I am in awe at how clever and insightful she is.  She continues to teach me how to be a better parent and even when we do fall out, we know that deep down we love each other very much.  I will watch her grow into the talented young woman I know she will be and I hope that I can continue to be a positive force in her life when she needs me.

I am privileged to be her mother and I am grateful that she is in my life.

Thank you to all these women who have had such a positive influence in my life.  They are among the many women who have laughed, lived and loved alongside me.  These are the women who quietly live their lives in the best way they know how, who smile despite their struggles.  Their stories, their voices, their influence on history is strong, often unheard, sometimes ignored but never truly forgotten….

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