Top 10 Winter Car Maintenance Tips


Car maintenance can be a bit daunting, especially if you have always relied on someone else to do it for you.  Having had my own car for a few years now, I always like to make sure it is ready for the winter.  These simple maintenance tips should help you keep your car running healthy during the colder months.

Car Maintenance and Service

Get your car booked in for a service before the colder weather sets in.  Look out for winter deals at your local garage.


Check your battery.  Most batteries last for around 5 years.  If your battery is this old and you have been experiencing trouble when starting your car, it could be that you need to replace it.


Your engine coolant should be 50% water and 50% antifreeze mix.  Before winter you need to make sure your antifreeze is topped up, this will stop the water freezing in your engine.  Many people top up the coolant with water during the summer and this dilutes the mix.

Clean Lights & Check Bulbs

Do a check of all your lights every day before you start driving.  Make sure all the lights are working and remember to keep them clean, especially if driving in wet and muddy conditions.

Windscreen Wipers & Screen Wash

If your windscreen wipers are smearing rather than clearing the screen then you should replace the blades.  Top up your screen wash fluid with a higher concentrate of screen wash detergent, to help stop the fluid freezing in colder temperatures.


Check tyres for general wear and tear on the tread plus check the appropriate pressure on your tyres daily.  Finally, consider buying winter tyres for extra grip.

De-Icer & Scraper

Have de-icer and a scraper in the car in case the temperature drops as well as having a set in your garage too.  If the car freezes during the night, then you have one to hand rather than it being in your frozen car.

Clean Car Including Number Plates

Keep your car as clean as possible, clear the winter salt and grit from the car body when you can.  Make sure the windscreen, lights, number plates and wing mirrors are kept free of mud and salt residue.  Also, keep the inside of the windscreen clean, as greasy smears can make it difficult to see when the winter sun is low.

Car Winter Kit

Essentials for your Car Winter Kit:


Small shovel


De-icer and scraper

Emergency Triangle

Torch with extra batteries

Carpet squares or grit (for traction if you get stuck in snow or ice)

Flask of tea

Chocolate or high-energy snacks

Mobile phone and phone charger and remember never use your phone in a car if you are driving.

Hope these tips help you keep your car healthy and in tip-top condition for the colder months ahead.

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