Welly Print Art Works!

Here is the first post in our 10 things to do with Old Wellies – Welly Print Art Works.

Large Welly Print Artwork
Large Welly Print Art work

You can use wellies that still fit and practise jumping, twirling, running and dancing. You can fit wellies onto larger dolls or teddies and let them to the jumping and dancing. You can put your arms into the wellies or just use the wellies as ‘stamps’ – the main thing is to have some fun and make some welly memories!


Different coloured paints, sheets of paper, roll of parcel paper, paper plates, wellies of various sizes, baby wipes or wet cloth and paper to mop up any spills.  (put down newspaper or a temporary floor cover if you do not want to mark your flooring)

What we did:

The first thing we did was to organise ourselves by getting the paints, papers and wellies ready, because once you start you cannot stop!

Getting Ready
Getting Ready…..

Peakles was very excited about doing some welly prints and carefully chose the pairs she wanted to use.

Ready boots....
Ready boots….

With some encouragement Peakles began stepping into the paint on the plates and began to make prints on the paper!

....start walking!
….start walking!

It didn’t take Peakles very long to gain more confidence and began walking, jumping and running over the paper.  Not only did we change the colours to create some beautiful effects but using different wellies meant a different ‘tread’ print was created.  She really enjoyed creating her welly print art works

Jump, Jump, Jump!!
Jump, Jump, Jump!!

After all the excitement, running up and down and jumping about Peakles was ready for some more relaxed printing.

Finished running and jumping!
Finished running and jumping!

Peakles sat on a cushion and used the wellies that had been outgrown as stampers to make more controlled marks on the paper.

Welly Stamps
Welly Stamps

After a wonderfully creative afternoon, Peakles declared ‘Finished!’ and so it was time to tidy up and allow the paints to dry.

Time to tidy up!
Time to tidy up!

Ideas for using the prints:

The parcel paper can be used as wrapping paper and coordinated tags made from one of the thicker sheets of  welly printed paper.

Wrapping paper and tag
Wrapping paper and tag

Wall art – we took a particularly striking piece of Peakles welly print art works.

Striking art work
Striking art work

and put it in a frame that was meant for multiple photographs (we have uploaded all our photos onto digital frames so have lots of spare ’empty’ frames).  It is now hanging proudly on the wall in our hallway and Peakles loves to tell people she made it!

welly print framed art work
framed art work

…….oh and the dried out paper plate paint holders?  Watch out for our Mother’s Day Post when we put them to good use!

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    1. Thank you Cerys! We are lucky to have a large conservatory but must admit we will be doing more outdoor work once the weather warms up! It is great fun and why not put your wellies on too and have a go as well!

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