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I love words.

I love how they are formed, how they sound, how they look.  I have always had words in my life. From being small I can remember being told stories, being shown words and ultimately finding them everywhere.

They can be small such as I and as large as antidisestablishmentarianism (I found this one when I was about 9 and have loved it ever since)  You can make up your own too.  I was making up words long before I read the Jabberwocky and I still do today.  I quite often troddle around the park with my daughter, but we hate it when it is all mizzerly.  (Troddle – an over 3 yr olds toddle & mizzerly – denser than mist but not quite drizzle)

It was not that long ago that people would consult a dictionary, an encyclopedia or a thesaurus for the meaning or definition of a word.  Now what do we do? We ‘google’ it.  The word ‘google’ has become a verb in its own right.

The meaning of certain words change as well, some words that were acceptable twenty or thirty years ago are now not acceptable.  Sometimes their meanings evolve, sometimes the words themselves decline because they are not relevant in today’s society.  For example: typing pool.  What is a typing pool?  Do you know?  Is it something that you do whilst swimming? The definition can be found here.

And ultimately Words have POWER.

They can rally armies and they can calm nations.  They can lift our spirits to the skies and they can enable us to visit beyond the sky.  They say that the pen is mightier than the sword.  I used to scoff at this but as I get older I realise that all you have to do change pen for stylus, keyboard, pencil, crayon, your voice, sign language or a gesture – it all means the same thing.  And often it is the lack of understanding or misunderstanding that can lead to all sorts of problems too.


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Words have meaning.

Words convey a message

Words can change the world.

Using words is a responsibility.

They can heal a broken heart and shatter a strong one too.

They can make or break a person.

Choose yours carefully.


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22 Responses
  1. Jenny Andersson

    Having been in corporate communications most of my working life, I completely agree. It’s easy to get written communication wrong, and very hard to get it right. Looking forward to your future posts on how to get it right!!

  2. Words are indeed very powerful, I have always taught my kids to use their words wisely instead of ever resulting to anything physical. Words or sometimes even silence are the most powerful thing in the world.

  3. Louisa

    I love finding and learning new words and seeing if I can get them into a sentence naturally. I totally agree about the power of words. Great post.

  4. Patricia Mauerhofer

    Very inspiring Helen, thanks for ‘teaching’ me mizzerly – must be a creation of a British lady. This is one thing about writing in a language that is not my mother tongue, I don’t play with words as much as I could and would love to as in (Swiss) German.

  5. Great post. Words can be misconstrued so easily, especially in written format, that we all have a responsibility to think about how we use language before we say or write something.

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