World Giraffe Day Easy Make Book Marks


The first ever World Giraffe Day is on Saturday 21st June.  It’s estimated that there are less than 80,000 giraffes left in the wild. To try to raise awareness of the plight of the giraffe, the major conservationists have declared that the summer solstice should also be the global day of the giraffe.  To find out more about this please click on this highlighted link – World Giraffe Day from Giraffe Conservation Foundation

So to celebrate we decided to make some simple giraffe bookmarks. They are easy and fun to make and are ideal for keeping younger members of the family occupied too!  Plus it is a craft activity that is not only interesting to make but is useful too!

Giraffes for World Giraffe Day

Here is how we made our giraffe book marks:

We used

  • 2 sheets of pale yellow card
  • brown  paint
  • brown felt tip pens
  • brown paper
  • glue stick
  • white stickers


The first idea for a book mark was made by dipping a finger or thumb in the brown paint.  We then covered the paper in thumb or finger prints to make a pattern that looked like a giraffes pattern.  This is ideal for smaller children to do just try to remind them to leave a gap between each print!

Thumb print pattern


We then tried drawing some square shapes on the card with the brown felt tip pen.  We coloured them in and left a gap between each.  This is a great idea for older children who are practising their colouring in skills!

Felt tip pen giraffe pattern

Finally we took a strip of brown paper and roughly teared it up into some four-sided shapes.  These were then glued onto the yellow card and we left a gap between each four-sided shape to make it look like a giraffes skin.

Torn Brown Paper pattern

Once our sheets of yellow card had dried it was time to cut out a rough giraffe shape.  We cut out a long shape similar to a number 1. When this was done we added some fine details of ears and horns.  Finally we added some round white stickers with felt tip dots on them as eyes.

Giraffe shapes

As you can see our giraffe bookmarks look really great.  Plus if you use more than one bookmark it looks like you have a herd of giraffes!

Herd of wooden and card giraffes


We are thrilled that this is being part of  #getyourcrafton & #zoocrafts!  We hope to join in again next month too!


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22 Responses
  1. What a great idea! I’m not overly crafty but this looks great & more importantly easy! my Sweet Harry would love doing the thumb printing option. I had no idea there were so few giraffes left 🙁 this is a great idea to raise awareness. Lizzie XO

    1. Helen

      The number came as a shock to me as well…. you just don’t realise that they are endangered. Glad you like the book marks and they are really easy to make with kids of all ages 🙂

    1. Helen

      Thank you – we were delighted to take part in World Giraffe Day – already got our activities sorted for next year’s too!

  2. What a lovely idea and looks like the activity could be enjoyed by kids of all ages! My little boy loves giraffes especially after seeing one at the safari park last year lol! x


    1. Helen

      Yes Rachel – these would be idea for a Mother or Father’s day present. Or you could stick a ‘Santa hat’ on it and give it as a Christmas present!

  3. What a lovely post, and campaign! We have a zoo near us where you can view the giraffes on a viewing platform so you’re eye-to-eye with them, and one actually came to me! So majestic!
    Thank you

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