Year of the Snake – Activity

2013 is the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Calendar.

Peakles and I have watched an online story about the Chinese Zodiac together.  Peakles was very interested in making a snake decoration to go with her Chinese Lanterns so we decided to make a ‘snake swirler’ which is an ideal hanging decoration.

Snake Swirler
Snake Swirler


A4 red card or thick paper, gold glitter and PVA glue.  Black paint, a circular tube such as a sweet (candy) holder.  Black or red ribbon.  Medium sized plate or round storage bowl.   Black pen and scissors (for adult use only) pencil and a blob of dough or an eraser.  Sticky tape.

What we did:

First Peakles held the plate while I drew round it with the black pen on the A4 card.  Then I carefully cut the circle out using the scissors.  At this point I drew a swirl from the outside, gradually going into the centre as a template for cutting once we had decorated our snake.

Peakles then covered the circle in PVA glue and added lots of gold glitter.  We left this to dry (we actually did three so the first one was dry by the time we had finished).  We added black paint to the plate and Peakles dipped her sweet (candy) tube into the paint and pressed this onto the glittery red circle to make black ‘scales’ all over it.  We left this to dry.

We got our ribbon and I cut a V in one end.  Peakles helped me make a knot about 2 cms (1 inch) from the V shape to make a ‘forked tongue’.  Finally I took the pencil and pushed through into the dough to make a hole in the head of the snake.  We pushed the ribbon through the hole up to the knot and then secured the ‘tongue’ on the underside with sticky tape.

Finished snakes before we hung them up
Finished snakes before we hung them up

Alternatives: You could use different colours to create vibrant coloured snakes or use different objects to use to create the scales.

Extension: Make a variety of different sized snakes.  Turn some of them upside down so you have both left-hand and right-handed snake twirlers!  Add stickers for eyes and draw a line to make serpent eyes!

As you can see our snake decoration is very effective and Peakle Pie’s bedroom is looking very festive!  She spent the rest of the evening chasing me with a ‘snake twirler’ making lots of ‘hissing’ noises!

Hanging snake swirlers
Hanging snake swirlers

Fabulous Fun!

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