How to Make a Beautiful Hanging Star Card


Star Card for Christmas!

Have you ever received a Christmas card that you really like?  One of those cards that you want to keep rather than pop in the recycling bin once the festivities are over?  Do you look at those handcrafted cards and wish you could make one?  Well, we are going to share our simple idea for a hanging star card that is both pretty and easy for older kids to make too.

Star Christmas Card Witty Hoots

Materials & Equipment

card and envelope     compass     pencil

 a split pin     ruler     scissors

gold or silver thread     gold or silver card

How to Make Your Star Card

First, draw a circle with the compass in the centre of the card and cut this out.  Next, draw two circles using the same centre point for your compass on the back of the silver card. One circle should be smaller than the other.

Take your ruler and draw a line through the centre of the circle, to make two equal halves.  Next, draw another line that will divide the circle into four quarters.  Take the ruler and draw a line from the outer point of the circle to the inner circle as shown below.

Cut out the star shape and then score along the straight lines with a pencil to give it a 3D effect.  Repeat this process to make an even smaller silver star.

Put the smaller star on top of the larger one and push a split pin through the centre of the stars.  Fan both stars out until you have an eight pointed star.

Turn the star over and tie the gold thread around the split pin then attach it to the top.

Next, stick the thread to the inside of the card with sticky tape so that the star hangs down in the cut out part of the card.

We really enjoyed making this hanging star card and cannot wait to give it to someone special this Christmas.

Hanging Star Christmas Card Witty Hoots

A Christmas Countdown!

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Article updated just for you at this festive time!

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